Thursday, July 12, 2012

Congratulations to Derek Kief and His Family (and Fascinating Discovery)

Derek had to leave early from Ohio State's football camp on June 22nd to fly to Georgia to attend his mother and stepfather's second wedding reception.  Derek's mother Kelly married Adrick Ceasar on March 10th in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Upon further digging in to their private lives (people love that), we uncovered a fascinating discovery.  There isn't just one talented WR in the household.

Adrick Ceasar, formally Adrick Harrison was an amazing WR for D1 Furman University from 1992-1995.  As of the end of Furman's 2011 season, Adrick still holds many impressive rankings.  He is ranked #8 for career touchdown receptions, #9 for career receptions and #15 for career receiving yards.

Congratulations to Derek, Kelly and Adrick.  This family has talent and we look forward to continuing to follow Derek on his journey.  

Source of above stats: