Sunday, October 14, 2012

Derek Kief - LaSalle vs. Brother Rice - 8 Receptions for 103 Yards and 3 Touchdowns (4 straight 100+ games)

LaSalle Lancers football team played Brother Rice Warriors on October 13th, 2012 at Brother Rice in Detroit, MI.  LaSalle lost 30-29.

Derek ended the game with:
    •    8 receptions for 103 yards (only 5 receptions away from breaking LaSalle's season record of 59 receptions set in 1983)
    •    an average of 12.9 yards per catch
    •    longest reception of 22 yards
    •    3 touchdowns

LaSalle dug themselves a big hole (20-0) and Brother Rice was shoveling on the dirt.  Like a zombie, they pulled themselves out of the ground and were laser focused on finding brains.  Sorry, Halloween is nearing, please substitute touchdowns for brains.  The DEFENSE initiated the start of what would be a great run for the Lancers.  LaSalle's Jeff Larkin took a Brother Rice ball carrier's cookies and ran it back to the Warriors 37 yard line.  Now it was up to the offense to climb through the window of opportunity that Larkin opened.

The Brad Burkhart/Derek Kief duo were salivating to do just that.  Derek caught a 22 yard pass from Burkhart to get the Lancers on the board (20-7).  After the extra point, a twin pack of personal fouls on Brother Rice setup LaSalle for an onside kick.  LaSalle's DEFENSE did it again!  They recovered the ball on the Warriors 30 yard line.

At some pont between the 1st TD and the recovered onside (it was a blur), one very smart (and many say handsome) Lancer fan yelled at all the parents sitting on the wrong side of the field.
"Hey LaSalle parents, they can't hear you from over there. Come over hear and support your team!"
Moments later, Burkhart sniped Kief for another touchdown cutting Brother Rice's lead to 20-13 heading in to the half. The Lancers were energized!  Needless to say, the 25 to 30 Lancer fans sitting on the wrong side of the field relocated and were roaring with fire heading in to the 3rd.

In the 3rd quarter, 4 1/2 minutes in, Burkhart hit Kief for the trifecta.  LaSalle was not only back in the game after Kief's 3rd TD, they absolutely owned the game's momentum.  Near the end of the 3rd quarter, Brennen Walsh ran his heart out after catching a pass from Burkhart for another LaSalle touchdown.  At the end of the 3rd quarter, the Lancers had put up 26 unanswered points and took the lead (26-20).

In the 4th quarter, the Warriors Brian Walker (187 total rushing yards) ran for his 2nd touchdown allowing Brother Rice to take back the lead (27-26).  A few minutes later LaSalle was inches from the goal line had the opportunity to put a nail in Rice's coffin.  The Lancers have struggled punching the ball in over the past few games vs. St. X, Moeller and again with Brother Rice.  LaSalle was forced to kick a field goal.  Jason Rumpke booted it in for LaSalle to again take back the lead (29-27).

With a little over a minute left on the clock, LaSalle was still leading 29-27 and had possession of the ball.  Surprisingly, LaSalle took a timeout prior to the 3rd down effort vs. letting the clock run.  Post-timeout, they took a big risk to throw the ball (which was not targeted at Kief).  Even worse, it was incomplete stopping the clock yet again.  LaSalle kicked off to Brother Rice leaving their offense 55 seconds for a desperation drive.

The Warriors were able to drive downfield with the help of a controversial horse-collar call by the referees to setup Senior kicker Jason Alessi (kicked 12 of their 30 points) for a 30 yard filed goal attempt with 8 seconds left on the clock.  The ball flew between the crossbar and LaSalle's amazing comeback run to win the game immediately evaporated.

This was a very tough loss for the team but the players never gave up.  Were there bad calls by the referees?  Missed extra points?  Missed tackles?  Sure.  Did they ever stop fighting or can you point the finger at the players?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  They fought through the adversity of a big deficit.  The players should be proud of the effort they displayed.

What these players do next game will define who they are as individuals and as a team (on and off the field).  They cannot allow this game or anything resulting from this game change who they are.  They are Lancers.  They are fighters.  They are winners.  They need to pull together as a team, do their job AND finish strong.  They can never let any game, any person or anything else for that matter take away their will to win.


Scoring Summary
BROFG07:58Alessi, Jason 32 YD03
BROTD06:23Alessi, Jason 47 YD PUNT RETURN (Alessi, Jason KICK)010
BROTD00:56Walker, Brian 5 YD RUN (Alessi, Jason KICK)017
BROFG05:33Alessi, Jason 22 YD020
LASTD01:10Derek Kief 22 YD PASS FROM Brad Burkhart (Jason Rumke KICK)720
LASTD00:34Derek Kief 10 YD PASS FROM Brad Burkhart (Jason Rumke KICK FAILED)1320
LASTD10:31Derek Kief 15 YD PASS FROM Brad Burkhart (Jason Rumke KICK FAILED)1920
LASTD03:31Brennen Walsh 76 YD PASS FROM Brad Burkhart (Jason Rumke KICK)2620
BROTD11:17Walker, Brian 1 YD RUN (Alessi, Jason KICK)2627
LASFG07:43Jason Rumke 20 YD2927
BROFG00:08Alessi, Jason 30 YD2930
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